The Aspirational Yoga dances would not have come into being without the help of so many people.

I must express my deepest gratitude to those who allowed me to bring this to life, especially Tao Porchon-Lynch, my yoga teacher, mentor and friend, who encouraged me to do this project, and John Guth, who composed this beautiful music and spent countless hours accommodating my revisions.

Thanks to Julie-Ann Ulbrich and Susan Buchman, who practiced and performed alongside me, and all my yoga students and friends, the “guinea pigs” of Aspirational Yoga during its development.

To Nel Shelby and her entire team, whose enthusiasm and creativity helped me realize my vision, and a special shout-out to her videographer Gus Reed.

To Andrea Kurtz, my extraordinary photographer, copywriter, and source of contacts and wisdom; Lauren O’Neill, my script writer and production assistant, who held my hand every step of the way; location specialists Linda Blair Doescher and Dotti Lee Han; and make-up artists Patricia DiPaolo and Marianna Lillien, who made me look beautiful. Much appreciation to Patty Holmes of The Yoga Garden, White Plains, NY, who first showed me a version of “Archer.”

Most especially, I want to thank Scott Douglass, my husband and best friend, who always encourages me to aspire to do more and be more.
— Susan Douglass, Creator of Aspirational Yoga®